Cast Resin
Dry Type Transformers

Product Description:
It is safe, non-pollute, and flame proof which can be installed directly on the load centre with the merits of free maintenance, easy installation, low combined operation cost, low loss and excellent humidity resistance.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Voltage class: 6~35kV 
  2. Model of voltage regulation: Off-excitation or on-load tap changer 
  3. Tapping range: 5%, 2x2.5%, 
  4. Power Capacity: 30-4000kVA 
  5. Frequency: 50Hz or 60HZ 
  6. Phase No.: Single phase or three phases 
  7. Vector Group: Yyn0 or Dyn11 or according to customers' requirements 
  8. Impedance voltage: 4~9% or according to customers' requirements 
  9. Service condition: 100% relative humidity, ambient temperature not more than 40ºC or according to customers' requirements
  10. Type of cooling: AN or AF 
  11. Guard class: IP00, IP20, IP23 
  12. Thermo-tolerance class of insulation: F 
  13. Insulation level: F. For 11kV class: LI75AC35; F. For 35kV class: LI170AC70

Service conditions 

  • The height above the sea level is below 1000m 
  • Ambient temperature: 
  • Highest air temperature +40 degree
  • Highest daily average air temperature +30 degree 
  • Highest annual average air temperature+20 degree 
  • Lowest outdoor air temperature-25 degree 
  • Scope of application 
  • High-rise buildings, airports, terminals, power plants, transformer stations, residential areas or packages of various sites.

    HS Code: 85043400 
    Standard: IEC60076 

Product Specification Download: